There are some good videos on You Tube, including When We Were Dreaming (video by Till Hack), and Heartache in the Morning (shot in the Hollowbody Electric Studio), and some older ones like  Coast of Maine and  The Owl both shot in live performance at the St. Lawrence Arts Center in Portland, Maine. Here’s a more recent video with Peter and Johannah performing Another Heart to Spare and Wicked Witch from their “Prickly Stickers” CD (Hollowbody Electric Band).

One of my favorites is a performance of my song “Begging for Change–The Health Care Blues” at Union Station in DC for a huge health care rally.  I dropped a few lyrics in the excitement and the sound quality is awful (what can you expect when the PA consists of two hand-held megaphones!) but the audience reaction makes my day every time I tune in.


Photo by Connie Sprague: Peter at 19 jamming with Claude Jones at the Amoeba farmhouse outside Warrenton, VA.